Top recommendations to replace Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox logo

Firefox is an open source browser by non-profit Mozilla which focuses on private browsing and tracking protection by default. It also has an extensive range of add-ons. Its default search engine is set to Google so be careful to change it after you install. Google pay Mozilla $450 million a year to have their search engine as the Firefox default, which is estimated to be up to 90% of their entire budget.

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo browser logo

Better known as a privacy focused search engine, the DuckDuckGo app includes a browser for both Android and iOS which shows a privacy rating for every site you visit.

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Safari logo

Safari is a browser developed by Apple and is the default on their devices. It has a number of privacy-enhancing features and also claims to be the most energy efficient browser around. Its default search engine is set to Google so be careful to change it after you install. Google pay Apple $10 billion a year to have their search engine as the Safari default.

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Apple is far from perfect. Read Against the Cult of Apple by Cory Doctorow

Up and coming

Here are some smaller browsers which in some cases have been put together by teams of volunteers without any funding. They aim to provide a more respectful and private web experience than Google will ever offer.


Basilisk logo

Basilisk is a fork of Firefox still in development from the team that built the Pale Moon browser.

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Falkon logo

Falkon is an open source browser with built-in Ad blocking functions available for Windows and Linux.

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Pale Moon

Pale Moon browser

Pale Moon is a Goanna-based browser available for Windows and Linux.

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Seamonkey logo

Seamonkey is an all in one application suite including browser, e-mail client and chat tool

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Outside the Matrix

Here are two much less conventional but very interesting browsers both deserving of further investigation.


Tor logo

Tor uses an overlay network to conceal usage information and make electronic communication private and can be used to protect anonymity. You can use Tor to view the regular web and also ‘hidden’ pages which are only viewable through the browser. Because of how these privacy functions work browsing using Tor can often be slower than a more conventional browser but for many people this is a small price to pay.

Download Tor


Beaker logo

Beaker is an exciting new browser which allows web pages to be shared peer-to-peer using the DAT protocol, an alternative to HTTP.

You can use Beaker to build your own DAT websites.

You can also view the regular HTTP web through Beaker.

Download Beaker

Never leave home without an Ad blocker

Although there are loads of browsers now that say they protect your privacy – it’s always worth adding on an ad blocker or two.

Privacy Badger

Privacy badger logo

Privacy Badger is an open source browser extension built by Electronic Frontier Foundation and available for Firefox and many Chromium-based browsers. It’s designed to transparently block unwanted cookies and ads.

Add Privacy Badger to your browser

uBlock Origin

uBlock logo

uBlock Origin is a browser extension designed to allow people to make their own privacy choices through content filtering and ad blocking. It’s available for Firefox, Safari and Chromium-based browsers.

Add uBlock Origin to your browser

Criteria for inclusion

Any list of browsers provokes debate and we don’t claim perfection.

All browsers must be entirely Google free – this includes privacy focused Chromium browsers you may have heard of. We will not include any Chromium based browsers.

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