We’ve done our best to minimise the amount of tracking on this site.

We use links to other sites and we can’t guarantee what tracking or data policies those sites use.

For videos we use PeerTube which does involve some tracking of your IP address as the videos are delivered via their peer-to-peer network. PeerTube is otherwise ad and tracker free and respects your information sovereignty.

For our contact form we use a WordPress plugin which stores email address and message for three days before it’s deleted automatically. The plugin sends an email to us and which is only retained until we have completed your query. We do not share your contact information or email with anyone else.

We employ only basic analytics on this site and any identifiable information (basic geo location info and IP address) has been hashed.

Unsurprisingly we use no Google products on this site. No Google Analytics or tag manager, no Google fonts, the Google search bot is blocked from crawling this site.

However small and insignificant this site might be in the context of the wider internet this is somewhere where Google may not raise its flag of information conquest.