They told us “don’t be evil”…

Most people seem unaware that Google already has both their online and offline lives under surveillance. They have used “PR” to convince the world they are benevolent tech visionaries who want to share their genius for the benefit of society. They want us to share everything with them but they are consciously opaque about their products and business operations.

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No to Chrome aims raise awareness of how Google is shaping the internet, your present and future for its own ends. On the home page you can take the first step to abandon the Google Chrome browser but the rest of the site will have more information if you want to dig a little deeper.

Why Chrome must go

Find out more about Google Chrome and its range of privacy issues and how it forces you to view the web only on Google’s terms.

Other Google bear traps

Have a look at our Google products pages to see the problems with other Google products and what you can do about them.

Two overlapping and related themes summarise the problems with Google:

Google is not your friend

Google has business model built on surveillance capitalism and with a data extraction imperative – Google thinks it needs new data like human beings need oxygen. They consider it essential to their survival. Google will do everything it can to ensure its ability to extract information about you, your thoughts, feelings and relationships is unrestricted, even without your consent and sometimes in direct opposition to existing national and international laws.

“Google, Facebook, and other surveillance capitalists are factory farms for human beings. They make their billions by farming you for your data and exploiting that intimate insight into your life to manipulate your behaviour.”
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Aral Balkan – cyborg rights activist, designer and developer

Google is not our friend

Google is an information colonialist who want to seize all information both online and in real life – irrespective of who should have the right to access it – to create a data monopoly that can only be accessed on their terms and for their profit. They are resistant to regulation, accountability and paying tax.

“Google decided that it would digitise and store every book ever printed, regardless of copyright issues. Or that it would photograph every street and house on the planet without asking anyone’s permission.”
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Shoshana Zuboff – author of The New Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Keeping it simple

No To Chrome is designed as a starting point for anyone who uses the internet to send a message to Google that their relentless disregard for our rights, dignity, democracy and communities will not be tolerated.

On our home page find a new better browser, uninstall or disable Google Chrome on all your devices tell everyone to do the same.

There are many ways protest against Google ranging from Tweets to full boycotts but No To Chrome is designed to be for anyone who uses the internet to participate easily and immediately.

“…the surveillance-based business model of Facebook and Google is inherently incompatible with the right to privacy and poses a systemic threat to a range of other rights including freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of thought, and the right to equality and non-discrimination.”
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Surveillance Giants by Amnesty International
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Who is behind this?

No to Chrome is an alliance led by Berlin based Eduardo Smith and UK based James Mullarkey.