What are the problems with Google Chrome from Google and why you should give it up today.

The background

Launched in 2008 Chrome has become the dominant web browser in the world with 63% of the global market share.

Chrome is bundled as the default browser on phones using Android OS and on Google hardware like Pixel phone, Nexus tablet and Chromebook.

Even many rival browsers now use the Chromium Google back end to power their browsers including Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave.

The problems with Chrome

Privacy? Never from Google

Monopoly and anti-competition

“There were dozens and dozens of ‘oopsies,’ where Google ships something and, ‘oops,’ it doesn’t work in Firefox. They say oh we’re going to fix it right away, in two months, and in the meantime every time the user goes to these sites, they think, ‘oh, Firefox is broken.”
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Andreas Gal, former chief technology officer of Mozilla.

In a week of desktop websurfing, the columnist, Geoffrey Fowler, wrote that he discovered 11,189 requests for tracker cookies that were blocked by Firefox but would have been allowed by Chrome.
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David Ingram, NBC

What can you do?